Sonny is a Korean grocery store owner across the street from Sal's Pizzeria, portrayed by Steve Park. The business is run by him and his wife Kim, with their child daughter. They speak little English, often not understanding what others are saying.

He is first shown when Da Mayor comes in, asking for some Miller High Life. He and his wife says that there's no more of this beverage, and to buy something else.

ML insults Sonny running the grocery store because he and his family are Korean. Sweet Dick Willie goes to the grocery store for some Miller High Life, but Sonny pushes him, saying there are no more.

Sonny is part of the scene where characters descriptively insults someone and their background while looking at the camera. Stevie insults Sonny, and Sonny insults Officer Gary Long, saying: "It's cheap, I got a good price for you, Mayor Koch Maeil gatchi (means 'everyday' in Korean), how-I'm-doing, chocolate egg cream drinking, bagel and lox, B'nai B'rith Jew asshole."

When Radio Raheem comes in for some batteries when his batteries for his boom box runs out, Sonny and his wife have a hard time understanding him. When Radio Raheem gets impatient, Sonny says: "Motherfuck you!"

Later when the fight ensues, Sonny is seen bashing his fist onto the police car that's taking the dead Radio Raheem away. Just before the riot, he pulls his wife into the grocery store.

After the people burn down Sal's Pizzeria, they plan to do the same to Sonny's grocery store. Sonny defends his store and his family with a broom, saying: "I no white! I black! You, me, same!" ML is annoyed with him, but Coconut Sid tells him to leave him alone, as he's alright. Sonny holds his hand out, hoping to shake hands with ML, but ML doesn't but leaves them alone.