ML on the left.

ML is a character in the film Do the Right Thing, portrayed by Paul Benjamin. ML hangs around with Sweet Dick Willie and Coconut Sid sitting down on chairs in front of a red wall and under a beach umbrella. He was possibly born in Africa.

ML talks about how annoyed he is with the Koreans owning a grocery store in the neighbourhood. He also asks Sweet Dick Willie about who named him that.

After Radio Raheem gets killed, he says: "It is plain as day; they didn't have to kill the boy."

After Sal's Pizzeria gets burnt down, ML and the people head over to the Korean grocery store, saying how it's their turn. Sonny tries to defend himself and his family with a broom, saying how he's not white and that he's black. ML gets annoyed by this, saying that ML himself is black and tells Sonny to open his eyes. Cocount Sid tells ML to leave him alone and that he's alright. ML leaves them alone and people cheer.